Asus announced their latest mousepad today, with a twist.

Rather than shipping out yet another simple cloth or plastic mouse pad, the company is instead following in the footsteps of Logitech and Corsair by creating a hard "mousing surface" (in Asus' own words) with Qi wireless charging technology built-in.

It's unclear whether or not the device – dubbed the ROG Balteus – will work with Qi-enabled wireless mice, but Asus claims the "Qi charging zone" located towards the top right of the mousepad will work with any phone that supports the technology.

With the Balteus, Asus has opted to ditch the traditional "landscape" design of most mousepads, instead shifting their focus to a portrait-style surface.

In theory, this should allow the pad to fit more easily on your desk while eliminating the need to "push the pad backwards or drag it closer" to accommodate your posture or arm position.

Naturally, the Balteus will feature fully-customizable RGB lighting and compatibility with Asus' "AuraSync" technology.

The Balteus will be split into two separate products upon release. Both devices will have the same overall design, but only the more expensive of the two will feature Qi charging.

Asus has not announced a launch date for the Balteus just yet, nor have they released any details regarding the device's potential pricing.