Forward-looking: Not content with showing off a single laptop that features more than one screen, Asus has another dual-display PC at Computex, though this model will take a bit longer to arrive. Called Project Precog, the device resembles an advanced Lenovo Yoga Book, though Asus says it packs a whole lot of AI smarts to go with those futuristic looks.

The Precog works in standard laptop mode, book mode, tent mode and flat mode. The second display can be used as a keyboard much like Lenovo's Yoga Book, but when an external keyboard is connected, both screens can be used together in portrait mode. It can also be placed flat on its back for playing games across both displays.

Some other impressive AI functions include its ability to automatically adjust the keyboard location depending on where a user places their fingertips. It's also able to switch to stylus mode whenever it detects a stylus touch the lower screen.

The Precog can learn when your meetings are likely to take place and make sure to conserve battery life so you don't run out of power at an inopportune moment. It even works with Alexa and Cortana, allowing users to "keep their main tasks in full view while virtual assistants process other tasks on the second screen."

Asus says that the Precog is more than just a concept; it plans on releasing the device sometime next year. How much it will cost and whether the final design differs much from what's been shown at Computex remains to be seen.