In context: Thrift shops, yard sales and online auction houses are all great places to explore when seeking to breathe new life into old things but you won't find the photo industry's latest retro-inspired creation at these outlets.

The Magny 35, currently on offer via Kickstarter, is an accessory for 35mm SLR and rangefinder cameras that transforms them into an instant camera without any modification.

Based on Nikon's Speed Magny from the 1960s, the Magny 35 is a three-part modular accessory comprised of an enlarged optics film back, an aluminum lens barrel and a film ejection unit. They connect via bayonet mount for easy storage and transportation.

The accessory effectively replaces a camera's traditional film, taking the 24x24mm focal plane from your camera, enlarging it to 62x62mm and then projecting it onto the Fujifilm Instax Square instant film surface. It's compatible with a variety of cameras from Nikon, Canon, Leica, Olympus and Pentax and offers a maximum effective aperture of f/4, is powered by four AAA batteries and has an LED film counter and tripod socket.

NINM Lab, creators of the Magny 35, are seeking to raise just south of $51,000 from the campaign and are well on their way with more than $44,000 pledged thus far and 32 days to go. A minimum contribution of $99 is needed to get your name on the list. If successful, the company plans to ship out the first units to backers in January 2019.