Tech companies around the world have begun to reduce their reliance on non-renewable energy, and Samsung is the latest example of this trend.

The company today announced their decision to power all of their US, China, and Europe-based operations through strictly renewable energy - in a sense. The company won't necessarily be constructing their own renewable power plants, but they will acquire energy from other companies and organizations.

Samsung isn't taking this commitment lightly. According to a press release, the company intends to source "100%" of the energy used in their factories, office buildings, and "operational facilities" from renewable sources by 2020.

As far as their operations in countries other than the ones mentioned above go, Samsung says in the "medium to long-term" it will seek to "further increase its use of renewable energy around the world," though they didn't offer specifics.

"Samsung Electronics is fulfilling its duty as a corporate citizen by expanding and supporting the use of renewable energy," said Samsung Executive VP of Global Public Affairs Won Kyong Kim in a statement. "As demonstrated by our expanded commitment, we are focused on protecting our planet and are doing our part as a global environmental steward."

In addition to reducing their own overall carbon footprint, Samsung will be helping their business partners "across the supply chain" to follow suit. Specifically, the company wants to work with their "top 100" partner companies to help them meet, or exceed, their own renewable energy targets.

Samsung plans to release more information about their renewable energy pursuits in their upcoming Electronics Sustainability Report, which will be published on June 15.