Despite being one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple has long been praised for its environmentally friendly intiatives. Now, the iPhone maker has announced that all its worldwide facilities run on 100 percent renewable energy.

In a press release yesterday, Apple said that operations across 43 countries, including its retail stores, offices, data centers, and brand-new spaceship campus, now run entirely on green power. Additionally, its Apple Park headquarters is now the largest LEED Platinum-certified office building in North America, drawing energy from sources that include a 17-megawatt onsite rooftop solar installation and four megawatts of biogas fuel cells.

The firm added that nine more of its manufacturing partners have committed to power all of their Apple production with 100 percent clean energy, bringing the number of supplier commitments to 23.

Apple's announcement came alongside a Fast Company interview with environment VP Lisa Jackson. The article notes that eight years ago, only 16% of Apple's facilities were powered by renewable energy. That number increased to 93% in 2015, before rising to 96% in 2016.

"We're committed to leaving the world better than we found it. After years of hard work we're proud to have reached this significant milestone," said CEO Tim Cook. "We're going to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the materials in our products, the way we recycle them, our facilities and our work with suppliers to establish new creative and forward-looking sources of renewable energy because we know the future depends on it."

Apple has achieved this feat partly through its investment in solar and wind farms near its data centers. Its 25 renewable energy projects around the world produce 626 megawatts of generation capacity. There are 15 more projects in construction in 11 different countries, which will collectively produce 1.4 gigawatts of energy.

Apple added that its clean energy projects helped avoid over 1.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gases from being emitted last year---the equivalent of removing more than 300,000 cars off the road.

Last year, Apple was named the most environmentally friendly company by Greenpeace for the third year running.