Something to look forward to: Alan Wake creator Sam Lake and developer Remedy Entertainment are preparing a new title that features supernatural gameplay, an open-world contained within one building, and a weapon that can transform into any gun.

Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games unveiled a new IP called "Control" during the PlayStation Live E3 stream. The game is a supernatural shooter somewhat akin to The Darkness but in third-person instead of first.

Control is set in Manhattan, New York — primarily within a building called the “Oldest House,” which houses the offices of the Federal Bureau of Control. The purpose of this agency is unclear, but it seems to have something to do with supernatural powers and entities.

Players will assume the role of a female protagonist named Jesse Faden who has a “dark and mysterious past.” When the building is attacked by an other-worldly force called the Hiss, Jesse is “elected” to become the Director of the agency. As director, she has access to a transforming weapon that grants her supernatural abilities such as telekinesis.

Gameplay has the player using Jesse’s special powers to create shields and propel objects at her enemies. These were shown in the surrealistic trailer for the game (above). According to the developers, the weapon gives Jesse differing powers depending on the form it takes (below).

In the demo, Jesse is using the pistol mode which allows her to use the abilities “Grip” and “Shatter.” The devs also confirmed that there would be a shotgun as well as several other unnamed forms that the weapon can take, each having unique powers Jesse can use.

The game is a bit more open-world than previous Remedy titles even though it takes place inside a building. The developers call it "open-ended" rather than "open-world," but the distinction is blurry. The Oldest House is a strange place that seems to be constantly shifting and reshaping itself, so the opportunities for exploration are vast.

While the game has a single straightforward plot, exploring opens side missions that are woven into the main story. Remedy is taking great care to make the side missions seem like a part of the main plot without making players feel like they must complete them to enjoy the game.

Control is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.