Whether you're a fan of the aesthetic of Gmail's latest revamp or not, there's no denying it came with a few helpful new features.

With the redesign, Google added self-destructing messages, snooze functionality, and AI-powered smart reply features. Now, to expand upon the rework, Google is changing the way Gmail notifications work on iOS devices by using machine learning.

This comes in the form of a new optional feature, which is intended to make your life a bit easier if you tend to receive a lot of emails on any given day. Specifically, the function will let you choose to be alerted only when your "attention is really required," or when Google's AI determines that an email is a high priority.

It's not entirely clear how Google's AI algorithm will determine which messages are worthy of your immediate attention, though. It's possible that the technology simply looks for messages received from individuals, groups or businesses you interact with regularly, but knowing Google, it's probably a great deal more sophisticated than that.

Regardless of how it works under the hood, the new "High priority only" alert feature for Gmail is expected to roll out to iOS devices over the next one to three days. An Android version, on the other hand, is expected to arrive "soon."

Image courtesy NurPhoto, Getty Images