Something to look forward to: HBO's hit series is nearing the end of its second season, one that has disappointed in the eyes of some. Will a new mobile game be enough to hold fans over until the start of season three?

Apple has confirmed that the Westworld mobile game is set to land in the App Store on Thursday, June 21 in the US (it's already out on Android and iOS in Australia).

First announced in March, the Westworld mobile game puts players in the role of a new Delos employee tasked with learning to manage the park. You'll be able to build, optimize and unlock park locations including well-known spots like Sweetwater, Las Mudas and Escalante while overseeing more than 170 A.I. hosts, matching them with guests to satisfy their desires.

It sounds like a mix between a time management game and a Sims-style title although we won't know for sure until we get some hands-on time with it.

Interested parties can pre-register for the game over on the official Westworld Mobile landing page and gain access to several perks including extra gems and coins, a basic host code pack, a crafting pack and the character Lawrence.

Westworld was recently renewed for a third season although a premiere date for the next installation has not yet been set. The season two finale is scheduled to land on June 24.