WTF?! If you’re lucky enough to own a monstrously large lawn, you may find yourself wishing for a mower that can move a little quicker. Maybe Honda can help; its 190hp Mean Mower V2 is aiming to be the fastest in the world, able to hit 150mph.

Honda broke the mower speed record in 2014 with the original Mean Machine, which had a top speed of 116mph. It was beaten a year later by a modified 408hp Viking T6 that reached 134mph. Now, Honda has turned to its British Touring Car Championship partner Team Dynamics for version two of the speedy machine.

The V2 is based on the Japanese manufacturer’s HF 2622 grass cutter, though it comes with some pretty major upgrades, the main one being the 999cc four-cylinder engine from a CBR1000RR Fireblade motorbike. That engine and light frame, made from T45 steel, equals a power-to-weight ratio of around 1000hp per tonne.

Some of the Mean Machine V2’s materials were created using 3D printing, and it contains the Fireblade’s six-speed transmission and LCD. It’s even got Goldspeed 10-inch ATV wheels anodized in gold.

To qualify as a lawn mower, the Mean Machine V2 still has to be able to cut grass. It does this using cutting blades made from carbon fiber, though trimming your yard at 150mph probably isn’t advisable.

Jess Hawkins—a 23-year-old former karting champion—will be behind the wheel of the Mean Machine V2 as Honda attempts to retake its speed record.