Rumor mill: Samsung's rumored 7" folding phone is making headlines yet again, with analysts and anonymous industry sources claiming the device – codenamed "Winner" – will finally hit store shelves during early 2019. If the latest reports are correct, the device could revitalize a market that has become increasingly stagnant as far as innovation goes.

Samsung could finally be planning to make their rumored folding-screen phone a reality. According to a report from the Washington Post, the device, codenamed "Winner," could hit the market during early 2019.

Sources familiar with the matter reportedly claim the device will contain a massive 7" screen when unfolded. Presumably, folding the phone – much like a wallet or a book – will cut that screen size in half.

When the device is folded, it sounds like it will function much like any other smartphone. There will be a "display bar" on the front screen, while the device's cameras will sit in the back. Winner's hardware specifications, on the other hand, are unknown at this time.

As exciting as the concept of a folding phone may be, it's worth noting that we've been discussing this device since 2016. Every time the Winner phone makes headlines, industry analysts always seem to predict that the device will hit the market the following year.

So far, however, those predictions haven't held up; Samsung's mythical folding phone still hasn't arrived. As such, it'd be wise to take this report with a grain of salt.

With that said, 2019 would be a good year for one of the world's first true folding phones to make its debut. Mainstream smartphone manufacturers finally seem to be running out of steam as far as design innovations go, giving Samsung the perfect opportunity to shake up the market.