In context: It has been a rocky road for the galaxy-sized sandbox that is No Man's Sky. The game released before it was ready causing quite an uproar in the gaming community. Rather than leaving promises unfulfilled, Sean Murray and his team continued to work on the game after its release.

So far there have been three massive updates (Foundation, Path Finder, and Atlas Rises) with a fourth (Next) releasing tomorrow. Fans were pleased to learn that the Next update would add the multiplayer experience that Murray had promised in more than one pre-release interview.

Moving forward the game will look more like the finished product that Hello Games had in mind from the start. In fact, it appears that the studio will now be transitioning from core module development to an MMO support model.

After the Next launch, players can look forward to weekly updates that add new content to the game. Don't worry; this is not a ploy to extort more money from players.

"[This is] not a loot box thing, it's not a microtransaction thing, it's 100% free," Sean Murray told IGN.

The new content will consist of events and missions for players and the community to complete. Weekly updates are scheduled to start sometime next week and should be available on all platforms.

Murray was vague about the type of events that would be laid out but indicated that the missions would be focused on exploration rather than combat or fetching quests. The community has been organizing meet-ups and other events for quite a while now. It would seem that the weekly updates (at least at first) will be aiming to facilitate that to a greater degree.

This would also fall in line with the recent launching of the Galactic Atlas. This web-based app gives players a way to view events on a Galactic map. It provides glyph addresses so that the community can teleport to locations of interest without having to warp to them manually. The website gives players a way to share their discoveries with others and presumably will also allow developers to guide the community to key locations during events.

Murray was sure to mention that this would not be the end of big updates though. The team plans on continuing to improve the core game. The weekly updates will come "on top of" the major version releases.

The Next update arrives July 24 on PS4, XB1, and PC. Weekly content will start the following week.