Apple massive iOS 12 software update is on its way, and it's bringing a host of exciting new features. Though the public beta has been available for some time now, the final version of the update is expected to launch this fall with Animoji, group Facetime, and a wide array of usability improvements.

However, 9to5Mac may have discovered a feature in the latest iOS 12 beta version that could point to a pretty drastic hardware change in Apple's upcoming iPhones. Specifically, the outlet found references to a second SIM card, including code snippets like "secondSimStatus" and "secondSimTrayStatus."

These findings, if true, would back up earlier rumors that suggested the next iPhone Plus model would include dual-SIM support. 9to5Mac claims they dug up this information within iPhone software responsible for "the generation of diagnostic reports."

If Apple does plan to implement a second SIM slot, it could be hugely beneficial for consumers. With two SIM cards, iPhone users could theoretically swap between phone services at will, which could make it easier for them to use their phone while traveling.

As nice as dual-SIM support would be in the next iPhone, this information should still be considered a rumor. While we aren't implying 9to5Mac's reporting isn't accurate, it's impossible to say precisely what the previously-mentioned code snippets mean. As others have pointed out, they could merely serve as a way for Apple to distinguish between different types of SIM cards.

Regardless, we'll likely find out the truth soon enough - Apple will undoubtedly announce their next iPhone sometime in the coming months.

Image courtesy 9to5Mac