Why it matters: Competition matters. Competition that stands a chance of giving Nvidia and AMD a run for their money matters even more, especially to the PC Master Race. Intel's GPU development sounds like it is in full swing, and we are more than curious to know what kind of silicon comes out of the Intel labs.

Whether it's Chris Hook's hand in Marketing, or Raja Koduri's management style (both men poached from AMD), Intel is being a bit of a tease with the upcoming 2020 launch of its discrete graphics processor.

Arctic Sound, is the rumored internal codename for Intel's 12th generation GPU, which is said to power both discrete and integrated parts.

Using the last day at SIGGRAPH 2018 as a backdrop, Intel is tactically trying to grab some headlines and has posted a tweet with a teaser video of its future graphics card, under the motto "Set our graphics free". This is the first time Intel gives us a glimpse, albeit such a vague one, on the state of its development. We'd advise taking it for what it is... just a teaser. But it does give us a reassuring feeling that things are, somewhat, on schedule.

Although little is revealed by it, the video runs us by Intel's recent accomplishments in the graphics domain, from the first 4K video-capable IGP to what it says is the first fully compliant DX12 graphics processor... all this building up to a single backlit take of what appears to be a rather slim (single slot) graphics card. It gives away very little and leaves a little bit of "damn you, Intel!" aftertaste in the mouth, which, we presume, was the whole point.

Knowing Raja Koduri's style, we know we'll be seeing a lot more of these teasers, right up until the launch of the GPU which still seems far, far away.