Something to look forward to: With so many board games based on video games out there, it’s surprising that we’ve yet to see a physical incarnation of Fortnite. Now, the wait is over, but rather than being a direct replica of the last-man-standing video game—or one that’s as close as possible, given the limitations—Epic Games has partnered with Hasbro to create Fortnite Monopoly.

We’ve already seen a battle royale board game, which is aptly named Last Man Standing, that recreates PUBG and Fortnite mechanics such as loot drops, a shrinking play area, and the aim of being the last person left alive.

Fortnite Monopoly, which will be available globally on October 1, adds “a battle-building twist to the iconic fast-dealing property-trading game.” Some of the changes include health points being used instead of money and properties named after locations on the map, such as Wailing Woods and Tilted Towers.

The aim is still to be the last person standing. Instead of both dice rolls being used for movement, as is the case with standard Monopoly, one is used for “action,” as players have to choose between moving or taking an action first on each turn.

Actions include using bandages to regain health, shooting players on the same side of the board, building a protective wall, or dropping a Boogie Bomb, which takes a life away from everyone. Even the storm has been carried over, represented by certain spaces on the board that claim two lives from players who land on them. Losing all your health means you’re out, of course.

While Fortnite Monopoly looks like it could be fun, it’s a shame more work wasn’t put into the pieces, which appear to be just cardboard picture cut-outs rather than Fortnite versions of the traditional tokens. The game was briefly available for pre-order at UK retailer Zavvi for £26.99, which means it should be somewhere around the $30 mark when released in the US.