Something to look forward to: Higher density RAM is on the horizon as Samsung begins sampling new memory to its partners. New 32GB UDIMMs will allow even more memory to be installed on high-end platforms and in compact machines with limited memory slots.

Memory prices are slowly going back down from their all time high. New many-core CPUs that enthusiasts are buying can make use of massive amounts of memory where cost is the more limiting factor than platform capabilities.

Samsung has pushed out a product page to their website that shows new DDR4 memory at 2,666 MHz. Ordinarily, this would not be anything worth a mention, but there is an important distinction. Samsung's latest memory is 32GB and arrives as a UDIMM, or in other words, regular RAM for consumer desktops.

Given model number M378A4G43MB1-CTD, Samsung's memory runs at 1.2V and is a dual rank configuration. Memory chips are arranged as (2Gbit x 8) x 16.

Packing 32GB per DIMM allows for up to 256GB of memory to be installed with a Threadripper CPU. In theory, Threadripper supports up to 1TB of RAM, but since there are only 8 DIMMs per motherboard, and 32GB per DIMM is about to be the densest solution available, the actual limit is much lower. Conversely, Intel's Skylake Extreme Edition processors such as the i9-7980XE only officially support up to 128GB.

Small form factors such as micro-ATX that may only have two DIMM slots could also benefit from higher density memory. Running virtual machines from compact builds is about to be a lot easier. For gamers, such exorbitant amounts of memory offer no return on performance.

Currently, Samsung is sampling this high-density memory to third parties. In its base configuration, its nothing more than a typical green PCB with some chips soldered on. However, other manufacturers that add nice looking heat spreaders such as Corsair, G.Skill, Crucial, Kingston, and others are likely to make use of Samsung's chips.