In brief: Developer CD Projekt Red's (CDPR) focus on consumer-friendliness has always been evident in its games, and that approach has extended to the company's own card combat game, Gwent. After realizing their game wasn't meeting player expectations, CDPR decided to completely revamp it, dubbing the project "Gwent Homecoming." CDPR today announced that Homecoming will launch on October 23, alongside the "Thronebreaker" singleplayer campaign.

Geralt's story may be over after the Witcher 3 and its DLC launched to the public in 2015 and 2016, but that doesn't mean the franchise is dead in the water.

While the bulk of developer CD Projekt Red's staff is focused on the highly-anticipated sci-fi RPG Cyberpunk 2077, a sizable team continues to plug away at Gwent, the standalone card game based on the minigame of the same name in the Witcher 3.

Technically, the standalone version of Gwent arrived quite some time ago and has been playable ever since. However, the game has been undergoing a major revamp for several months, dubbed "Gwent: Homecoming."

Homecoming is set to overhaul numerous game systems, while bringing a completely remade user interface, as seen above. Better yet, Homecoming's multiplayer updates aren't the only things players can look forward to.

"Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales" is arriving alongside Homecoming, and it will take the form of a full-length, narrative-focused singleplayer game that combines Gwent's card battles with puzzle-solving gameplay and role-playing elements.

After months of waiting, CD Projekt Red has finally given us a release date for Thronebreaker and Homecoming - both the multiplayer overhaul and the singleplayer campaign will launch on October 23.

Unfortunately, console players will have to wait a bit longer due to certification requirements, pushing back the release date for Homecoming and Thronebreaker on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to December 4.