If you're a hardcore PC gamer, you probably understand the importance of good peripherals. While you can get by with any old $15 mouse-and-keyboard combo, there's something to be said for going with a more expensive, but more reliable and comfortable set of devices.

SteelSeries is one of the bigger names in the gaming peripheral market, and they're arguably best-known for their mice - I've used a few of them in the past myself, and I haven't been disappointed.

Now, the company is adding two new gaming mice to their line-up; the Rival 650 and the Rival 710.

The Rival 710, despite what its naming scheme implies, is the cheaper of the two mice at $99. It features an OLED screen on its left side, designed to let players know when, say, their in-game ultimate is ready or their character's health is low.

If an OLED screen wasn't strange enough for you, the 710 will also house "tactile" vibration feedback that can alert you when the same conditions are met.

In terms of performance, SteelSeries says the 710 has "TrueMove3" optical sensor technology, which will apparently give players "true 1 to 1" tracking and "pinpoint" accuracy. Furthermore, the 710 has 7 fully-programmable buttons, and a few modular components - users can swap out the sensor and the cable for new ones.

The Rival 650 is wireless (though a USB cable is included for charging purposes), and as a result, the price tag is higher than the 710 at $119.99.

Unlike some other wireless mice on the market, SteelSeries promises a "lag-free" experience with the 650, courtesy of its 1ms response time. Whether or not that claim will hold up remains to be seen.

The 650 has the same TrueMove 3 optical sensor as the 710, but it has an additional sensor designed for "instant lift off detection." By default, the device will apparently boast 24 hours of battery life on a full charge, though it can offer 10 hours of battery life after a quick, 15-minute charge.

One of the key differences between the 710 and the 650 is the latter's customizable weight. If you prefer a heavier or lighter mouse, you can open up the sides and add or remove several small weights as needed.

Naturally, both the 650 and the 710 will be completely customizable via SteelSeries' dedicated software suite. You'll be able to change either device's RGB lighting, as well as rebind buttons, to your heart's content.

The Rival 650 and 710 are both available for purchase right now via SteelSeries' official website.