In brief: Just because you are to old for trick-or-treating, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the holiday at home. Epic appears to have some tricks and treats of its own to spring on Fortnite players this month.

Its October and Halloween is right around the corner. That means our favorite online games are likely to drag out the decorations. Epic recently released Patch V6.02, which included a “Disco Domination” limited time mode, a quad rocket launcher, and the “Noble Launcher.”

As usual, it did not take the data miners over at the FortniteLeaks subreddit to dissect the patch to find all kinds of Halloween goodies that will be available in the Fortnite store in the coming weeks. Assets for several rare and epic skins and items are in the patch.

Jack Gourdon and Hollowhead are epic pumpkin-head skins; the former looking like a kid’s jack-o’-lantern wearing a three-piece pumpkin suit. The latter sports a creepier-looking carved gourd head and leathers.

Plague and Scourge are epic male and female versions (respectively) of medieval doctors, wearing all black garb and long-beaked plague masks.

Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger are male and female versions of the classic skeleton Halloween costume. Skull Trooper (male) is an epic skin, while Ranger is classified rare.

There will also be an uncommon skin called Bullseye. Bullseye is a female outfitted with a helmet and goggles, bullseye tee-shirt, camo pants, and fingerless gloves.

In addition to the skins, three Halloween themed pickaxes will be on offer — Skull Sickle (epic), Heralds Wand (rare), and Carver (rare). There will also be a couple of gliders — the rare Lamplight glider and the epic Crypt Cruiser, which reminds me a lot of the comic book villain, and Spider-Man nemesis, the Hobgoblin’s glider.

The cosmetics are rounded out with three rare back pieces. The Dismal Cape looks like a standard black cape. The Mouldering Cloak is a cape only a ghoul or ancient vampire would wear. Finally, the Arcanum is a backpack consisting of numerous flasks filled with green liquid.

While these items are not yet available, but they should be added to the Item Shop as Halloween draws near.