Why it matters: Just when you think you've got the perfect Fortnite Battle Royale strategy figured out, Epic drops a new update that radically alters how the game is played. Season 6 is no exception and it's this level of creativity and risk-taking that keeps gamers coming back for more.

Season 6 of Epic’s wildly popular battle royale game is finally here, delivering the usual smattering of new features, changes, tweaks and of course, a new Battle Pass with 100 levels of rewards to unlock.

Fortnite’s Halloween-themed update introduces a new item called Shadow Stones. Pick one up and you’ll instantly gain some powerful new abilities for about 45 seconds or so. Stand still and you’ll be invisible to other players. In Shadow form, you’ll also be able to run faster, jump higher, avoid fall damage and even pass through walls and ceilings.

The one big catch – well, two, really – is that you can’t fire your weapon while in Shadow form and you are susceptible to enemy fire (so long as your foe can figure out your location).

The Shadow Stones will likely have a major impact on tactical strategy in areas where they are plentiful. Since they are activated when you touch them, you can’t move them to activate in a different part of the map – effectively setting up perimeters where you’ll know you need to be on high alert.

Season 6 also adds adorable pet companions that watch your back when you drop in and some updated map areas in line with the spooky new theme.

Full details regarding the new features, performance fixes and more can be found in Epic’s patch notes for version 6.00.