In brief: Wrongful parking tickets, non-refundable devices that break mere hours after purchase, and other annoyances are usually considered unavoidable facts of modern life. However, the AI-powered "robot lawyer" DoNotPay just got an iOS app that can help you 'sue anyone' for ticket cancellations, refunds, or damages; all by "pressing a button."

If you remember last year's massive Equifax breach, you may also recall DoNotPay, a "robot lawyer." The AI started as an easy way for people to dispute parking tickets and other minor annoyances, but it quickly expanded to offer more in-depth legal services, such as assisting users in filing complicated court documents.

During the fallout of the Equifax debacle, DoNotPay was updated to allow users in certain areas to sue the company for "maximum damages." Now, DoNotPay has been updated yet again, on a much broader scale.

As reported by Motherboard, DoNotPay now has a dedicated iOS app that will let you "sue anyone" at the touch of a button. Obviously, the process is a bit more involved than that, but the app's store page promises to help users fight corporations and "beat bureaucracy" - mostly through small claims courts. Amazingly, so far, app creator Joshua Browder told the outlet that DoNotPay's success rate is around 50 percent, with the average winnings amounting to roughly $7,000.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers for an entirely free, AI-powered service. Of course, it should be noted that many (but not all) of the cases DoNotPay helps users fight are pretty clear-cut, so the success rates could be slightly skewed. For example, users may be able to sue for a refund or damages when they purchase a product that doesn't work.

Still, as Browder notes, so long as users have the evidence to back their case up, the chances of success are much higher than you'd expect; even though DoNotPay merely removes some of the roadblocks would-be plaintiffs encounter.

It's worth noting that I haven't tried DoNotPay myself, so I can't confirm its effectiveness. However, if you think you have a claim against a person or company -- say, your landlord or even Equifax -- you don't have much to lose by snagging the app on your iOS device and giving it a shot. As was the case with DoNotPay's web version, the app is entirely free to use.

It's not clear when, or indeed if, DoNotPay will arrive on Android devices.

Image courtesy TechCrunch