Recap: Nintendo just over two weeks out from BlizzCon 2018 has announced a Diablo-themed Switch bundle that includes a custom console, dock and carrying case. Rumblings of what might be next in the Diablo universe also cropped up over the weekend although Blizzard was quick to shoot them down.

Blizzard in August announced it would be bringing Diablo III to the Nintendo Switch as the Diablo III Eternal Collection, a definitive edition featuring the main game, the Reaper of Souls expansion pack and the Rise of the Necromancer add-on.

On Monday, we learned that Nintendo has a full-on bundle in the works.

The Nintendo Switch Diablo III: Eternal Collection Bundle features a Diablo III themed Switch console and dock, a Diablo III carrying case and a download code for the full game. The bundle will be a GameStop exclusive in the US when it launches on November 2 for $359.99.

In related Diablo news, Blizzard recently unveiled some of its BlizzCon 2018 merchandise. A few items sporting the "Diablo Reign of Terror" moniker are of particular interest as they could hint at an unannounced game or expansion pack.

A Blizzard spokesperson told GameSpot, however, that these are simply the names and copy used for some of the new products at BlizzCon this year and are not direct references to content at the show.

Blizzard community manager Brandy Camel revealed over the summer that multiple Diablo projects are in the works, adding that some will take longer than others.

BlizzCon 2018 takes place November 2-3 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. A panel titled "Diablo: What's Next" is scheduled for November 2 shortly after the opening keynote.