Bottom line: MTV pioneered reality television in the 90s with The Real World. Unscripted storytelling that pried into the daily lives of polarizing figures was new and captivating at the time but these days, everyone puts their life on the Internet. Can that same model still be successful in the social media era?

Facebook at the MIPCOM trade show in Cannes on Wednesday announced a partnership with MTV to reboot Real World (formerly The Real World), a pioneering reality show that debuted way back in 1992.

The series, for those unfamiliar, is best summarized by the show's opening narrative:

This is the true story... of seven strangers... picked to live in a house... and have their lives taped... to find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real... The Real World.

Real World was essentially a giant social experiment that brought together people with wildly different backgrounds. The ensuing drama usher in the era of unscripted primetime television and helped to define a generation.

Facebook and MTV are hoping to recapture some of that magic through the power of social media. The show will be produced by MTV Studios and Bunim / Murray Productions with local editions for audiences in the US, Mexico and Thailand. According to Variety, viewers will be able to submit themselves as potential cast members and vote on a housemate to make the final cut.

The show will air in weekly half-hour installments, we're told, beginning sometime next spring.

Facebook launched its Watch video platform in the US in the summer of 2017 before rolling it out globally this past August.