Destiny, as a franchise, has had a pretty rocky past. Players have complained about everything from the original Destiny's storytelling and lack of content on release to Destiny 2's controversial microtransactions.

However, both games have improved considerably over time, and it's clear the developers have learned from their past mistakes. Friends who once told me to avoid Destiny 2 like the plague now recommend it wholeheartedly (with a few caveats), and that's a sentiment you can see echoed throughout the gaming community.

Indeed, the Destiny 2 we know and love (or hate) today maintains a strong core player base, and the title's many updates and DLC packs seem to be keeping players fairly happy.

Despite Destiny 2's current success, it sounds like the game's lifecycle might be finished in the coming years. According to information posted by well-known Destiny leaker AnonTheNine, a third entry into the franchise is already in the works. Not much is known about the game as of writing, but Anon has provided us with a few interesting tidbits about the game through Reddit.

For starters, the game will take place on Europa, a location only ever hinted at in previous Destiny titles. Furthermore, Anon said that development of the game is "starting right now," with Bungie Game Director Chris Barrett at the helm. Luke Smith, who is widely thought to be the reason Destiny 1 became the solid game it is today, will also reportedly be working on the title in a "big role."

If Anon is to be believed, Destiny 3 will also feature "balls out" RPG mechanics, which will be much more "hardcore" than previous entries in the franchise. "If D3 will really have the idea they want to implement, trust me, a lot of Guardians who play 2 hours per week will abandon the game," Anon writes in one Reddit post. He adds that the game will feature a territorial control "PvPvE" mode that promotes cooperation and true combat as opposed to players "griefing the heck out of people."

While you should certainly take this information with a grain of salt, according to PC Gamer -- and confirmed by myself -- AnonTheNine has a pretty solid track record when it comes to Destiny-related leaks.

Game development is a tricky process, though, so even if Anon's leaked Destiny 3 information is accurate, it's possible Bungie may decide to shift the game's focus as development forges on. At any rate, if we're going to learn anything official about the game, it'll probably be at E3 2019 or 2020, so we have quite a wait ahead of us.