In brief: Despite its negative points, there's no denying that Nvidia's latest flagship GPU---the RTX 2080 Ti---is an absolute beast of a graphics card, but that counts for nothing if it doesn't work. According to a number of online reports, many of these expensive pieces of hardware are already failing.

The RTX 2080 Ti might allow single-card 4K gaming at 60fps, but the $1100+ price tag and lack of titles that support ray tracing are making it a hard sell for many people, but what's even worse is that some early adopters have experienced major problems with their cards.

These issues range from artifacting to the cards completely failing to work. One GeForce forum user writes that out of the three RTX 2080 Ti cards they bought, two of them---both founders editions---have died after 2 - 3 weeks of use, which they say is due to progressive degradation of GDDR6 memory.

Earlier this month, it was reported that some RTX 2080 Ti users were experiencing severe artifacting, possibly due to faulty GDDR6 modules unable to operate at the GPU's default clock speed.

There are more reports of these problems on Reddit, including claims of blue screens of death and constant crashes. But the most worrying element for Nvidia could be that some users who sent back their GPUs for an RMA found that the replacements were also faulty.

While there are a few reported problems with the RTX 2080, it seems the majority of these failures are with the RTX 2080 Ti. Most reports involve Founders Edition cards, though there are some mentions of third-party variants also failing.

While there are doubtlessly plenty of RTX 2080 Ti owners who've had no issues with their purchases, the significant number of online complaints suggest this might be something Nvidia needs to investigate.