In brief: If you're a victim of package theft, or you just aren't around on weekdays, Amazon's upcoming "Amazon Day" delivery option will probably be right up your alley. The new shipping option will let Prime members set a specific day that they'd like a given week's deliveries to arrive on.

Amazon is always looking for additional perks it can offer Prime members, and it's not hard to see why. While the company undoubtedly makes plenty of money from its other ventures, Prime membership fees are likely a sizable chunk of its profits.

Though the cost of Prime has recently risen from $100 to $120, Amazon continues to give subscribers plenty of value for their money. Prime members get access to a wide variety of expedited shipping options, same-day delivery service Prime Now, and plenty of unique content via Prime Instant Video.

The latest perk Prime members have to look forward to is "Amazon Day," an entirely new delivery option for US-based subscribers. First reported by Cnet, Amazon Day will let Prime Members choose a specific day of the week they'd like to receive multiple incoming shipments.

For example, if you bought a bag of cat food, a few computer components, and a bag of Doritos during the week, you may be able to schedule all of those deliveries to arrive over the weekend.

There are quite a few scenarios where that sort of shipping control could be helpful.

If you have an important package arriving during the week, but you work during the day and won't be around to receive it, this new option should help. Similarly, if you're a regular victim of package theft -- perhaps you live in a crowded apartment complex -- ensuring your purchases will only arrive when you or a family member are around could alleviate some stress.

To be clear, Amazon Day is not replacing the one, two, or same-day Prime delivery options you're used to; it will merely be an alternative. With that said, according to Cnet, Amazon Day is invite-only for now so it's probably not something you can take advantage of right away. However, in the coming months, Amazon reportedly plans to expand its availability.