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Amazon now delivers more packages than FedEx and UPS in the US

In a nutshell: Amazon is now one of the largest package delivery businesses in the US by volume, surpassing industry stalwarts FedEx and UPS in an impressively short period of time. The e-commerce giant's delivery business grew partly out of necessity and a desire to lower delivery times. To do that without incurring excessive costs, Amazon sought to eliminate the middleman from its operations.
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Amazon is offering Prime members $10 to pick up a delivery instead of having it delivered

Another cost-cutting exercise from the retail giant
WTF?! Like many tech giants, Amazon is trying to cut costs in these times of economic uncertainty. Its latest exercise targets the millions of Prime subscribers who take advantage of the free shipping option, offering a few testers $10 to pick up a purchase rather than having it shipped to their home.
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Newegg refunds customer who received RTX 4090 box filled with weights

Gamers Nexus offered to buy it
WTF?! Paying one-and-a-half thousand dollars for a graphics card is a big decision, but those concerns often vanish when you're enjoying blistering framerates at high resolutions. What will give you buyer's remorse, however, is opening an RTX 4090 box and finding it filled only with weights. Luckily for the person involved, seller Newegg has given them a full refund.