Bottom line: For those who have been living under a rock for the last week: a little game called Red Dead Redemption 2 has been getting a lot of attention. It’s a console exclusive, meaning some PS4 and Xbox One fans have relished the chance to get one over PC owners. But, like GTA V, could the best version of RDR2 be the one that arrives on our favorite platform?

2010’s Red Dead Redemption was also a brilliant game, and it too could only be enjoyed by PlayStation and Xbox owners—though it can now be played on PC using the PlayStation Now service. With GTA V holding the title of ‘best-selling game of all time’ in the US, and it proving especially popular on the PC, we expected Rockstar to announce that RDR2 wouldn’t have the same platform exclusivity as its predecessor, but so far there’s been no mention of it coming to PC. So, are we being denied what’s been called one of the best open-world games of all time? Or do we just need to be patient and wait for the inevitable?

Evidence of an in-development PC version arrived last June, when the LinkedIn profile of an unnamed Rockstar dev, who previously worked on GTA V and L.A. Noire, listed the PC as one of RDR2’s platforms.

But the strongest indication of a PC version was recently discovered by Rockstar Intel, which reports that the game’s companion app contains files that reference the PC and its graphical settings. There are mentions of temporal anti-aliasing, water reflection resolution, and shadow and particle quality, along with files that include the words “pcversion.”

With such a massive market eager to snap up the game, it should be a matter of when, not if, RDR2 will move beyond consoles. It might be that Rockstar wants to squeeze everything it can from GTA online, which continues to make a fortune for the company, before bringing Red Dead 2 and its upcoming online component to the PC.

GTA V didn’t arrive on the PC until two years after its launch on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Hopefully, and more than likely, we won’t be waiting quite as long for Rockstar’s newest flagship product. But for the impatient among us, RDR2 is one of the best reasons to buy a console right now.