In brief: Miniature replicas of classic consoles are all the rage, so why not extend the offering to include PC games? That's the idea behind the forthcoming PC Classic from Unit-E Technologies, a tiny machine that looks like an old beige box and plays classic DOS games.

Unit-E Technologies, the latest company looking to capitalize on the mini console craze, is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the PC Classic.

As the name suggests, the PC Classic is a miniature DOS gaming console for your television. Styled after the 80s-era beige box, the system features three USB ports and an SD card slot as well as HDMI and composite out video connections.

The SD card slot, which is designed to look like a floppy disk drive, is functional. Eric Yockey, founder of Unit-E, said all games will be licensed and legal to play as you'll own physical copies of them (the SD cards).

The machine will come with at least 30 games, we're told, and more will be available to purchase separately. Unfortunately, the company doesn't yet have a list of confirmed titles but you can sign up for their mailing list to be notified when it becomes available.

Unit-E aims to ship the PC Classic with at least one gamepad. It'll be compatible with other controllers as well as keyboards and mice, as appropriate. The possibility of it shipping with a mini keyboard and mouse hasn't been ruled out, the company said.

The PC Classic is expected to begin crowdfunding in late November with a price point of around $99. With any luck, it'll ship sometime in the late spring or early summer of 2019.