Why it matters: 8BitDo's upcoming wireless adapter will allow gamers to rectify one of the PlayStation Classic Edition's shortcoming. Other issues, like subpar performance and questionable game selection, are still being worked on by the hacker community.

It didn't take long for 8BitDo to hop on the PlayStation Classic Edition express. Just one week after the retro console's launch, the third-party video game hardware maker has announced a wireless USB adapter for the system.

The PlayStation Classic ships with wired controllers whose length measures approximately five feet. That's pretty short by any standards, and especially in today's wireless-first world.

Available to pre-order as of writing on Amazon, the $19.99 adapter allows users to play their PS1 Classic Edition wirelessly using any PlayStation 4 controller. The adapter is also compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Android TV boxes for use with PS3, Xbox, Switch, Wii U and 8BitDo's own custom controllers.

While the 8BitDo adapter may solve one of the PS Classic's shortcomings, there are still plenty of others left to complain about. Game selection is questionable and the internal hardware leaves a lot to be desired in the raw performance category. Externally and cosmetically, however, Sony hit a home run with the look and feel of the miniature replica.

The 8BitDo adapter for PlayStation Classic ships on December 31. Sony's PS Classic launched on December 3 priced at $99.99.