Bottom line: Target, Amazon, and Walmart will all have highly competitive fast shipping options, but each will have their own strengths that make the best option come down to individual needs. Target's Shipt service will offer same-day delivery on nearly all product categories after the new year begins.

Amazon and Walmart have gone back and forth with affordable fast shipping programs to try and capture shoppers looking for household goods. After acquiring same-day grocery delivery business Shipt, Target is expanding into the foray with Walmart and Amazon.

All major product categories available from Target will be able to show up at your doorstep on the day you place an order in 2019. Right now, over 55,000 grocery items, certain electronics, and toys are eligible.

Last week, Target shared that Shipt is operational within 46 states across more than 200 markets. Upon acquiring the company, Shipt was only providing services in 70 different markets. Memberships have tripled over the past year. An additional 375 employees have been hired to keep up with greater demand.

Shipt membership costs $99 annually (but you can get it for half price using promo code nZVZB), falling in below Amazon Prime's current asking price of $119 per year. However, Amazon Fresh is an additional $14.99 per month in addition to Prime for grocery delivery. Walmart does not charge any annual fee, simply requiring a minimum purchase of $35 for free two-day shipping.

Even though there are now more options than ever before to get food and household goods to your home for affordable rates, Amazon, Walmart, and Target each have their own pros and cons.

Amazon's Prime membership may be worth more when factoring in access to streaming. Walmart does not require any fee at all, making it convenient for infrequent orders. Target's expansion to Shipt will allow for a very wide selection of products just as Amazon does, but may be better geared towards affordable and frequently requested home goods.