Remember when Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard said Fallout 76 wouldn't have any human NPCs? Well, it appears that might not be true after all.

As is the case with several open-world RPGs (especially Bethesda titles) Fallout 76 appears to have a hidden "dev room" that wasn't removed from the game before launch. As the name implies, these rooms are usually intended for developers to experiment with various items, NPCs, and objects without affecting the rest of the game.

Typically, the rooms will have content that was cut from the main game, or content that is expected to arrive at a later date. In most cases, the areas can only be entered via console commands (making them PC-exclusive), but some Fallout 76 players have found a way around that restriction.

Fallout 76's hidden room contains a wide variety of buildings, crafting tables, and what appears to be every item in the game; including a few unreleased ones. Most interestingly, players also discovered a human NPC named "Wooby" standing directly in the center of the area.

One of the primary complaints players have with Fallout 76 is its lack of traditional, quest-giving human NPCs. Though Wooby could only exist as a practice dummy for devs to test weapons on, it's also possible that Bethesda is planning to introduce him – or human NPCs in general – into the game at a later date in response to player feedback.