Something to look forward to: It looks like DTS:X, the object-based surround sound technology, is coming to PC and Xbox One. Steven Wilssens, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft for Audio, revealed the news in a tweet. He also said that Dolby Atmos would soon be getting some improvements.

Wilssens said that DTS:X would arrive on PC and Xbox One in the coming weeks. It will be available to Windows Insiders first before moving to Microsoft's console. "Once any issues have been ironed out, they will move to the PC and Xbox audiences that are on retail builds."

DTS:X tries to create a multi-dimensional sound that moves around the listener as it would in real life. Unlike its Dolby Atmos rival, it works with any standard surround speaker setups---no need for extra overhead speakers.

A DTS:X Ultra app has been available in Microsoft's store for a few weeks now, but it still can't be downloaded. Screenshots show a 'Content Mode,' where users can optimize their audio based on content type. This includes music, voice, movies and, where supported, specific game genres---strategy, RPG, shooter.

Windows Latest notes that a Microsoft support document lists spatial audio formats that include DolbyAtmosForHeadphones, DolbyAtmosForHomeTheater, DolbyAtmosForSpeakers, DTSHeadphoneX, DTSXUltra, and WindowsSonic.

In a separate tweet, Wilssens said that improvements were coming to Dolby Atmos on the PC and Xbox One. You can download the Dolby Atmos for Headphones app and get a free month-long trial, after which there's a one-off payment of $14.99.