In context: Hardcore fans of the Witcher video game franchise may be aware that the titles are based on a popular fantasy book series of the same name, written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The studio behind the games, CD Projekt Red, initially purchased the rights to create the Witcher game years ago.

Sapkowski, having no faith in the then-small Polish studio's ability to create a successful game (much less three), chose to receive a one-time lump sum payment of roughly $2,200 instead of opting for ongoing royalties based on game sales.

Sapkowski has made it clear on multiple occasions over the years that he regrets his decision. Given just how well the Witcher series has sold, that was no surprise.

However, it was a surprise when (years after making the initial deal with CD Projekt Red) Sapkowski recently officially demanded an extra $16.2 million from the studio. He claimed that in light of the massive success CD Projekt Red has enjoyed through the Witcher games, he had not been fairly compensated for licensing his work.

Despite rejecting his demands at first, it seems CD Projekt Red has settled with the author behind the scenes; albeit for "less" than the original $16.2 million he asked for.

Precisely how much CD Projekt Red has paid Sapkowski is unknown, but we will be reaching out to the studio for clarification.