For many players, Skyrim's glory days are probably over – the game came out over 7 years ago, after all – but for others, quite the opposite is true. Despite Skyrim's age, it has one of the most active modding scenes you'll ever see in the gaming universe.

Most mods for the title are smaller gameplay mechanic tweaks or item re-textures, but a small handful of them are DLC-sized expansions that add completely new continents.

A much smaller portion of the game's fan-made content additions are even more ambitious than that. Created by the same team that developed Nehrim for Oblivion, Enderal is arguably one of the biggest Skyrim-related fan projects of all time.

In fact, I hesitate to call it a mod at all. It's much closer to being an entirely new (albeit shorter and more limited in scope) game created on Skyrim's engine.

It features a beautiful, handcrafted new world for players to explore as well as dozens of side missions, a main campaign, and a range of fully voice-acted NPCs and monsters that you can befriend or destroy.

Enderal also brings reworked game mechanics to the table, including an in-depth class system, overhauled combat, survival elements, and far more. Textures have also been changed or remade, and it seems that only a handful of creature models are being reused.

While we can't cover everything the mod has to offer here, it's probably worth trying out if you're a fan of Bethesda's aging classic.

Enderal has been effectively finished for some time now, and it's available for download through developer SureAI's official website. However, the installation process is far more complicated than it is for other mods, which has deterred many users from giving it a fair shot.

Fortunately, Enderal is officially arriving on Skyrim's Steam Workshop on February 14 next week. In theory, grabbing and playing the mod through the Workshop should be as simple as subscribing to it, which will undoubtedly eliminate a major barrier to entry for many would-be users.