What just happened? The long-awaited DLSS update for Battlefield V is about to arrive. What sort of performance benefits can you expect on PC? Check back with TechSpot soon for our full benchmarking report.

The latest update for Battlefield V is a big one for PC gamers. In addition to adding four-player co-op with Combined Arms, Battlefield V now supports Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology.

As Nvidia explained in its in-depth technical guide to Turing last September, DLSS leverages deep neural networks to extract features from a rendered scene. By combining details from multiple frames, the tech is able to construct high-quality imagery at a fraction of the performance cost of traditional anti-aliasing.

EA in its patch notes said the update also includes further optimizations to DXR ray tracing performance. We are currently reevaluating Battlefield V's performance with this new patch. Assuming all goes well, we should have a full report on the matter ready by tomorrow morning (Update: it's going to take us a little longer as the patch was delayed by 24 hours).

Combined Arms is a permanent Battlefield V co-op experience in which you and up to three friends can challenge AI enemies across eight PVE missions to hone your skills before jumping into multiplayer matches.

The full range of bug fixes and weapon balancing can be found in EA's patch notes.

EA also announced the return of fan-favorite multiplayer mode Rush although it won't arrive until March 7.