In brief: Spring break is just around the corner and Tinder wants to help college students prepare by scheduling meet-ups in advance. Doing so could help weed out any crazies and lead to an overall better time had by all.

Spring break isn't what it used to be although at its core, it's still the same - a massive gathering of young people looking to have a good time. Instead of meeting in person on beaches and in bars, today's youth use the Internet - and more specifically, their mobile devices - to facilitate hookups.

Tinder wants to make the process even more seamless with a new feature: Spring Break mode.

Tinder in announcing the new mode called it the ultimate pre-game. With it, you'll be able to match with others destined for the same vacation spot as you. And if you are planning to stay put, no worries - simply set your destination to "staycation."

Tinder said the idea is to help find fellow spring breakers "while your decision-making skills are still in topnotch form."

To participate, simply log into Tinder and look for the spring break card. From there, you'll be able to set your destination and get started matching up. It seems that you'll need to be a college student using Tinder U to participate.

Spring Break mode runs from March 4 through March 31.

Lead image courtesy via Shutterstock