Motorola has reportedly been working on a foldable phone of its own for some time now, but the company has been reluctant to officially confirm its existence.

That changed today, though, courtesy of an interview between Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery and Engadget. Not only did Dery confirm that Motorola is indeed working on its own foldable phone, but he hinted at when we might expect to see it launch.

Specifically, he said the company has "no intention" of releasing their device any later than competing smartphones, like the Galaxy Fold. Given that the Galaxy Fold is launching in mere months, perhaps we'll see Motorola's mystery device around the same time.

Release date speculation aside, Dery also subtly confirmed that Motorola's folding phone will not have a display on the outside of the device.

Doing so, in Dery's opinion, would result in "scratching issues" that would very quickly result in a device that is "not usable." This could mean that previously-revealed patent images for Motorola's folding device are accurate after all.

The images -- one of which can be seen above -- more closely resembled an old-fashioned flip-phone than the tablet/smartphone hybrid design other phone makers are going for with their folding devices.

Motorola hasn't unveiled its folding smartphone at Mobile World Congress yet, but there's still time for that to change; the event doesn't end until Friday.