What just happened? Amazon this week announced plans to shut down all 87 of its pop-up stores in the US by next month, putting an end to its mobile retail experiment. The e-commerce giant isn't abandoning its brick-and-mortar strategy entirely, but rather, modifying things a bit.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the decision in a statement to The Wall Street Journal, adding that it will instead expand its Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star locations where it can "provide a more comprehensive customer experience and broader selection."

Amazon opened its first 4-star store last September in New York City. As the name alludes to, the store only showcases products that have a four-star or higher rating on Amazon. A second store launched in near Denver, Colorado, in November.

Amazon has operated pop-up kiosks in shopping malls, Kohl's stores and in select Whole Foods locations to give consumers hands-on experience with its various products including Kindle tablets / e-readers and Echo smart speakers.

Bezos and company are also reportedly planning to launch dozens of new grocery stores across the country. Unlike Whole Foods, these stores will sell more traditional items like what you'd find at your neighborhood grocery store. The first locations could open as soon as this year.

Image courtesy designs by Jack via Shutterstock