A new Doom game is just around the corner, but fans of the demon-massacring franchise have more than that to look forward to - a Doom film is in the works as well.

While it's tough to say whether or not the film will do well this early on, movie adaptations of popular video game franchises are usually guaranteed an audience; even if it's a smaller one than a major blockbuster might pull in.

The movie, which has been dubbed "Doom: Annihilation," got its first exclusive trailer today. So far, the reception has been less than positive - as of writing, it has roughly 5,300 downvotes and 437 upvotes on YouTube. Many commenters are criticizing the film for looking cheaply-made.

However, we'll let you judge that for yourself. You can watch the "We Call it Hell" trailer above.

From what we can tell, the main character in the latest Doom games -- affectionately known as the "Doom Guy" -- doesn't appear to be present anywhere in the trailer. Instead, we see several fairly generic-looking soldiers, plenty of explosions, and a couple demon screeches for good measure.

It's obviously difficult to assess the quality of Annihilation before it's even released, but we're curious to see how you feel about the movie's first trailer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.