Through the looking glass: While the method of delivery for traditional network television may have shifted over the past decade or so, the actual product - what is being packaged and delivered to us and how much we pay for it - really hasn't changed all that much. The cord cutter's dream of truly a la carte television and pricing, at least for now, still remains a pipe dream.

AT&T is reportedly preparing to raise prices of its DirecTV Now streaming offering for the second time in less than a year. Cord Cutter News first broke the story over the weekend with Variety running a follow-up on Monday.

As of writing, prices for DirecTV Now packages range from $40 for 65+ channels to $75 if you want access to 125+ channels. According to Variety, AT&T is notifying subscribers that their monthly prices will increase by $10 starting in April.

Furthermore, the publication claims AT&T will only offer new customers two packages to choose from (there are four today, plus the Spanish-language package Todo y Más) - a $50 DirecTV Now Plus bundle with 40+ channels and a DirecTV Now Max package for $70 that carries 50+ channels. Both will reportedly include HBO which is good news for Game of Thrones fans.

Updated plan information was reportedly posted on DirecTV Now's website but has since been taken offline. It's unclear why AT&T backtracked on the decision or when it plans to firmly move forward with the new packages.