Microsoft's major focus lately has been to blur the line between PCs and the Xbox One, at least in the realm of gaming. For the most part, its attempts to do that so far have been relatively successful.

The Xbox Play Anywhere initiative has allowed customers to play select games across both PC and console with a single copy, and mod support is arriving for an increasing number of console titles.

If that's not interesting enough for you, Microsoft could even be working on a way to let users play Xbox-exclusive games on PC.

While it may be some time before that functionality arrives, the reverse has become easier than ever today, courtesy of Microsoft's newly-updated "Wireless Display" app.

The app now lets you seamlessly stream PC content – such as games – to your TV through your Xbox One. It's basically a Steam Link, but without the need to hook up yet another streaming device to your display.

In short, if you happen to own both a gaming rig and an Xbox One and you get the urge to play, say, your modded copy of Skyrim on the big screen, you can do so a bit more conveniently now.

The main drawback here is that because Wireless Display is an Xbox app, you'll need to use an Xbox One controller to navigate your PC. However, given that the Xbox One recently received mouse and keyboard support for select games, that could change soon.