Something to look forward to: Those of a certain age may nostalgically recall the golden era of point-and-click adventure games that were so prevalent in the mid-1990s. Later this year, we’ll finally see the long-awaited sequel to one of these titles: Beneath a Steel Sky.

While it might not have had the impact of The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, or Full Throttle, 1994’s Beneath a Steel Sky was beloved by many PC and Amiga owners—myself included. Set in a dystopian future, the game sees players take control of protagonist Robert Foster as he tries to escape from Union City with help from his AI friend, Joey. While at times serious, it contained much of the humor that the genre was famous for.

Charles Cecil—CEO of Revolution Software, the studio behind the Broken Sword franchise—has once again teamed up with award-winning artist Dave Gibbons for the sequel, called Beyond a Steel Sky, though it will differ from the original. Unlike the first game and its 2D graphics, the follow-up brings the world to life with comic book-style 3D environments and gives players control of the camera. Revolution says it aims to "embody the spirit of" classic adventures, and it even comes with 4K and HDR support.

"Our approach has been to write an intelligent, witty adventure game that is wholly intuitive to play and assumes no prior knowledge of the original game or its universe. We aspire to write a modern day 1984 told through the medium of the adventure game," said Cecil.

The game was announced at Apple’s keynote yesterday and will be part of its gaming subscription service. In addition to Apple devices, it will also be available on PC and consoles later this year.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of playing the original Beneath a Steel Sky, you can grab it for nothing from GOG.