The big picture: Collecting and recycling aluminum cans, mowing yards, working construction with family or bagging groceries and pushing carts at the local supermarket - that's how most of my peers earned money as teens. These days, you don't even have to leave the house to generate a substantial living.

Griffin Spikoski, better known by his online handle Sceptic, is a 14-year-old that plays Fortnite and publishes videos of his matches on YouTube. Spikoski only has 45 public videos on his channel dating back just nine months yet has managed to amass more than 1.1 million subscribers.

He's putting those views and viewers to good use, reportedly earning in excess of $200,000 to date.

The Long Island teenager told Eyewitness News ABC7NY that he spends up to eight hours a day playing Fortnite and invests as many as 18 hours doing so on the weekends. Last August, he joined the Misfits Gaming professional esports organization as a player.

Sceptic's parents have hired an accountant and financial adviser to help manage their son's newfound wealth. He said he plans to save most of the money to pay for college and maybe one day buy a house. Very smart.