In brief: Borderlands fans had reason to celebrate when, as rumored, the third game in the main franchise was unveiled at Pax East last week. Now, a couple of deleted tweets appear to have revealed Borderlands 3's release date while confirming that it would be another timed Epic Games Store exclusive.

The official Borderlands 3 Twitter account posted a message yesterday stating that "Mayhem," a term previously used to describe the game, is coming on September 13. While the post did arrive on April Fools' Day, the fact it was quickly deleted and arrived via an official account suggests its legitimacy.

Additionally, Twitter user Wario64 posted another deleted tweet, this one featuring a short ad for Borderlands 3. There's an Epic Games Store logo in the bottom left corner of the video, suggesting the shooter will be joining Metro Exodus, Phoenix Point, and several others as a timed exclusive.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford responded to the clip, all but confirming that Borderlands 3 will only be available on the Epic Games Store for the first six months after release.

Pitchford wrote that publisher 2K Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive are responsible for "all decisions regarding price-points, territories, distribution and platform partnerships." He added that anyone with inquiries regarding those topics, which would include complaining about the exclusivity deal, should write to 2K.

The CEO then sent out another tweet that hinted at the length of time Borderlands 3 will remain exclusive to Epic. "To me, exclusives are fine when they come w/ advantages and when they are short - say, six months :)," he wrote.

We don't have long to wait to discover Borderlands 3's official release date. Pitchford and a company rep said it would be revealed tomorrow (April 3).