Gearbox has been teasing the latest entry in its popular Borderlands video game franchise for some time now. Just yesterday, the company dropped a short teaser trailer for the mysterious new game, and it was filled with hidden secrets that only Borderlands' most die-hard fans would uncover.

At Pax East today, Gearbox finally pulled back the curtain on this secret project, and -- after a slew of major technical difficulties and goofy card magic tricks -- Pitchford revealed the world premiere for Borderlands 3. You can watch the full gameplay trailer above.

Let's talk features. For starters, Borderlands 3 lets you choose from one of four new exciting Vault Hunters to play as (as is traditional in these games). We don't know all of their names or archetypes yet, but series fanatics will probably be able to guess which class each character belongs to by simply watching the trailer a couple of times.

In terms of returning characters, to name a few, Moxxie, Claptrap and Lilith will all be in the game. A not-so-tiny incarnation of Tiny Tina is also making a comeback as a playable character.

Borderlands 3 will give players over "one billion" guns to wreak havoc with, multiple worlds to explore (you're no longer limited to Pandora), giant mechs to control, and two new villains to face off against throughout the game.

We have no idea when Borderlands 3 will launch, nor do we know how much it will cost or what platforms it may (or may not) be exclusive to. However, with E3 just a few months away, we probably won't be waiting long to learn those details and more.