In brief: The Ryzen 3000 series processor spied in SiSoftware's datbase was mated to an MSI MEG X570 Creation motherboard during testing. Specifications weren't included although odds are, it'll likely be MSI's top-of-the-line board with all the bells and whistles when AMD's Ryzen 3000 arrives later this year.

Another unreleased processor from AMD has found its way to the Internet courtesy of SiSoftware's Official Live Ranker.

The desktop CPU in question, identified as 2DS104BBM4GH2_38/34_N, is said to be an engineering sample sporting a base frequency of 3.4GHz and a boost frequency of 3.8GHz. The codename further indicates this is a four-core part with 4 x 512KB of L2 cache, 16MB of L3 cache and a TDP of 65W.

Considering this is a quad-core part (and assuming it is legitimate), we're likely looking at an entry-level Ryzen 3000 chip.

An Epyc Rome processor, AMD's 64-core, 128-thread chip, was spotted in the database last week.

AMD previewed its third-generation Ryzen platform at CES 2019 in January. CEO Lisa Su showed in-hand an exposed CPU with a chiplet design featuring two dies. The eight-core chip AMD demonstrated outpaced Intel's Core i9-9900K in Cinebench R15 and was more energy efficient.