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Intel hopes to reinvent the PC with Core Ultra SoC

Meteor Lake a.k.a. "Core Ultra" is now official
Why it matters: Long-time PC industry watchers know that new chip introductions are an important but often mundane part of the PC evolutionary process. After all, every year you can count on semiconductor giants Intel and AMD to bring their next generation CPUs to the market. This year, however, things are different – very different.
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Intel Core i9-14900K tops Geekbench with record-breaking single-core performance

What just happened? More details about Intel's 14th-generation Raptor Lake Refresh chips have landed ahead of the processors' expected launch next month. The latest leaks involve the flagship Core i9-14900K, which has received the highest single-core score in Geekbench. It's also shown up in a CPU-Z benchmark that shows the chip scoring 8% - 10% higher than its predecessor, the Core i9-13900K.