In context: If you are getting into video game broadcasting, a capture car is a necessity --- unless you are okay with low-quality streaming straight from your Xbox or PlayStation. Fortunately, there are plenty of entry-level cards out there and Razer just unveiled a new one.

Razer is looking to challenge Elgato in the entry-level broadcaster market with its Ripsaw HD external capture card.

Like Razer's 2016 Ripsaw, this update is capable of 1080p recording. However, this iteration ups the passthrough to 4K, so users can continue playing in UHD while streaming in 1080p at 60fps. The Elgato HD60 S, the dominant external capture card in the field, is only capable of 1080p passthrough.

Set up of the Ripsaw is easy. Just plug the PC's or console's HDMI output into the box and the Ripsaw's HDMI output to the monitor. Then connect the card to the streaming PC via USB 3.0, and it's good to go.

The 3.5mm microphone jack on the front allows your voice to carry over to both the streaming PC and the gaming unit enabling users to use one microphone to address both their streaming audience and their in-game team or opponents.

The Ripsaw HD is compatible with most streaming platforms including Mixer, OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch, XSplit, and YouTube.

While there are other units that outperform Razer's Ripsaw HD, like Elgato's 4K60 Pro internal card, you are going to pay a premium ($380+) for those. For $160, the Ripsaw HD undercuts the HD60 S ($180) by about $20 and offers more bang for the buck as well.

As of today, the Ripsaw HD is available at Razer's website and at Amazon.