YouTube's Sling TV and PlayStation Vue competitor, aptly named YouTube TV, has given customers a pretty good value so far. For a mere $35/month, subscribers used to get access to unlimited DVR storage space, live sports, news, and TV shows from a wide variety of channels - including the likes of AMC, NBC, and the BBC.

Compared to complicated cable packages with contracts, cable boxes, and more channels than you could ever possibly watch (while being billed to match), YouTube TV has proven to be a pretty solid TV alternative for many users.

However, the service's price was bumped up to $40 back in February of 2018 to reflect the new channel offerings YouTube TV has received. Now, the price is being raised yet again, this time all the way up to $50 per month - $55 if you're billing through Apple.

Of course, such a significant price hike isn't coming without a few benefits. Now, you'll be able to watch content from eight Discovery channels, including Animal Planet, Food Network, HGTV, Investigation Discover, TLC, the Travel Channel, and MotorTrend. These new offerings bring YouTube TV's total available channel count to over 70.

Although $50/month isn't exactly unreasonable for what YouTube TV offers, it's now significantly more expensive than it was on launch. It's tough to say whether or not the service's long-term subscribers will consider the new channels to be a fair trade-off, especially if they have no interest in the extras to begin with.