Bottom line: It's believed that AMD's upcoming Gonzalo APU will be powering the next generation of consoles. Now, a qualification sample of the SoC has been spotted in the 3DMark database, and its codename reveals a lot about the chip.

Back in January, a rumored engineering sample of Gonzalo named "2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9" was sighted. Using Marvin's AMD Name Decoder showed the chip's CPU has eight physical cores running at a 1GHz base clock and 3.2GHz boost clock. While we don't know if it uses Zen+ or Zen 2 architecture---probably the former---the PCI-ID shows an AMD Navi 10 Lite GPU running at 1GHz.

Now, a new, slightly different code---ZG16702AE8JB2_32/10/18_13F8---has been found by leaker TUM_APISAK. The 'Z' at the start is what indicates this is a qualification sample, meaning progress on the chip is moving along smoothly, and while the number of cores and their boost clock speed remain unchanged, it appears the base clock has been upped to 1.6GHz.

Additionally, the qualification sample's previous PCI-ID has changed from 13F8 to 13E9, indication a different version of Navi 10 Lite that's now running at 1.8GHz.

Gonzalo APUs are expected to be found in the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Scarlet machines. Assuming the specs are accurate, we can expect to see some major performance gains over the current generation PS4 and Xbox One. The big question now is whether these consoles will be unveiled this year or next. We'll know for certain when E3 rolls around in June.